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WuWu is an incredible new group-based communication product that will change the way people use the Internet forever! Imagine being able to use one single interface to communicate with other people online using different methods like: instant messages, chat, file sharing, voting, and all sorts of other types of collaboration. WuWu uses "Communication Modules" to do this which are simple to add and remove and they are completely separate from the application, which means that after the release people will be able to create their own custom communication modules using our moduleSDK!

Best of all, WuWu lite is completely free to anyone who wants to use it!
But if you really want to get serious, you should get WuWu Pro! Complete with Strong Encryption and an even larger palette of Communication Modules, it's just $20US per machine.

Companies can even purchase a bulk package that will allow them to set up their own groups within their company network and make it completely safe from the outside world. And because the system is designed to be modular and flexible, you can load a much more "Corporate" set of communication modules. Modules that will allow you to remotely update and configure the product on all your machines from one location and there are other collaboration modules like whiteboards and distributed processing that will allow you to run your business in a more efficient manner. To find out more download and tryout GroupPack.

WuWu and GroupPack are now available
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